The Manassas Battlefield Trust is an active partner with the Manassas National Battlefield Park, to preserve and protect the lands and resources associated with the First and Second Battles of Manassas. The Trust assists the Park’s mission to foster an understanding and appreciation of the battles and their significance through philanthropic support of opportunities for interpretation, education, enjoyment and inspiration. We seek the active involvement and financial support of members and major donors, as well as small business and corporate sponsors.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


Preserving the tangible elements of our shared Heritage

We are constantly establishing connections with local business and the community,
to preserve history and valuable natural resources.


Our Vision:

Manassas National Battlefield Park is uniquely positioned to offer an unparalleled educational experience in the conduct and impact of the Civil War.

“Any understanding of this nation has to be based, and I mean really based, on an understanding of the Civil War.

I believe that firmly. It defined us.”  -Shelby Foote

The two battles, fought 13 months apart on the same grounds, reflect the transformation of the Civil War in purpose, scale, methods, and impacts on both soldiers and civilians.   The comparative changes in leadership, army strength and weaponry in the months during and between the two battles illustrate the application and advancement of 19th century military science and technology, as well as the mobilization of both Northern and Southern society to achieve the aims of an expanding war effort.  The experience of civilians, free and enslaved, who inhabited the battlefield landscape, reflects the changing nature of the Civil War, leading variously over time to hardship, sacrifice and freedom for those who lived here.

The memorials on the battlefield helped create and influence competing memories of Manassas and the Civil War, reflecting evolving values regarding the legacy of battles and the preservation of the battlefield as a place of shared remembrance.  The experience of battle at Manassas forged bonds of brotherhood among the armies and individual units engaged, influenced political action of the civilian leadership of both the North and South, spurred the emergence of a national identity for the Confederacy, and tested the resolve of the Union to pursue the war and expand its aims.


We invite you to become a member of the Trust with new benefits and activities to help you and your family enjoy learning about the history made here.  For spring 2017 we offer an incomparable experience to tour the amazing Gettysburg artifact collection not available to the general public. This tour also includes behind-the-scenes visits to the movie and Cyclorama, as well as a special access tour of the Eisenhower collection and the Eisenhower site. This fall, by popular demand, we will again offer bus tours led by noted historian and author John Hennessy to get you to all the important sites with ease so you can focus on the history, not the traffic and parking.  Our signature experience is the new Encampment.  You and your family can spend the night in an authentic Civil War style officer’s camp at the Park.  Enjoy campfire stories and a special evening visitor reporting from the battlefield.  By day, hike to pivotal sites of the Battles of First & Second Manassas led by guides in period military dress.   These unique activities are available only to members and more information can be found on the events tab of this website when available.

Your support will ensure this special place is preserved for future generations to understand the pivotal history that still influences our national conversation.  Memberships are available for individuals, couples and families. See the “Membership” tab under the “Getting Involved” menu of this website for details. Each offers optional “Promotion” to a Leadership level with enhanced benefits.  Our giving societies (1861 Society & General Staff) offer increased opportunities to support historic preservation with commensurate member benefits and discounts. Business sponsorships provide highly visible ways for our local small businesses and regional/national corporate partners to support historic preservation of both local and national historic interest. Members at the leadership levels, including giving societies and business sponsors enjoy complementary admissions to the Annual Leadership Reception. Join Us!  Become a member today.  You will find out how fun and rewarding it is to live in History … Where it began.


The ability to offer a hands-on history lesson to a rapidly growing local community as well as the expansive tourist market in the Nation’s Capital is an incredible opportunity that the Manassas Battlefield Trust seeks to support.

In service of its mission, the Manassas National Battlefield Park, site of the first major land battle of the American Civil War, is a stunningly serene and unspoiled landscape, aiding our national understanding of one of the most defining events in American History.  Spend an hour on a walking tour, or a day visiting sites around the Park.  It’s an easy drive to one of the most historically significant places in our nation.

Imagine…for a moment … if the Park did not exist.  What would our community be like?  With all that it gives to us, our shared American treasure needs our support.

As its official non-profit fundraising partner, the Manassas Battlefield Trust helps ensure the Park meets its goals to preserve and protect the historic landscape, educate park visitors, and maintain and restore park facilities.  Organizations such as ours play a vital role in supporting many of our national parks in ways that the federal budget does not cover.  We are currently working to raise funds for all-terrain mobility scooters to allow visitors with disabilities access to tours of Henry Hill and Brawner Farm, important sites of the Battles of First and Second Manassas.  Our past successes in include playing an instrumental role in obtaining a grant from the State of Virginia to purchase the Yeates Tract, a 2.6 acre parcel of land that was a significant landmark in the Battle of Second Manassas in 1862.